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Application of Super Clear PVC film in plastic film
Jul 10, 2018

Transparent films are sometimes very practical. This film with good transparency is actually a kind of plastic film. Super Clear PVC film is the main form of transparent film. As a plastic film, transparency is one of its biggest features.


This super-transparent super-transparent can be used in many places, including the transparent film between the skin care product cover and the bottle, the transparent protective film for the car, the transparent film used in daily life, etc. Not general. In addition to its transparency, it has a certain viscosity, which is also possible to achieve more use without adding additional additives.


The production process of Super Clear PVC film has calendering and blow molding. Each process has a different impact on the super clear PVC film. In the case of calendering, when the material passes through two oppositely rotating cylinders, the super-transparent PVC film is subjected to strong shear stress and tensile stress, and the PVC molecules are molecularly oriented along the rolling direction, so that the film is in physical machinery. Anisotropy occurs in performance, which is the calendering effect.


Super Clear PVC film is generally used in processing shower curtains, cosmetic bags, tablecloths, stationery, blowing toys, baby products, electrostatic films, screensavers, electrical protective films, photo film, etc., and its use effect is good.

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