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Characteristics of soft pvc film soft PVC film and its identification method with hard film
Jun 20, 2018

PVC film can be divided into two categories: soft and hard, people can distinguish by different ways, the more simple one is through the hand, according to the hardness can be soft PVC film, plasticizer in more than 20% soft PVC The film can be easily identified based on its flexible surface.


It can also be identified by measuring the amount of plasticizer in the PVC film, usually by extracting the plasticizer with ether or benzene to quantitatively measure the plasticizer content in the PVC film. In the extraction device, the chopped PVC film sample was extracted with diethyl ether or benzene for several hours. The monomolecular plasticizer was ether, and the polymeric plasticizer was extracted with benzene until the extract had a constant weight.


The solvent in the extract is evaporated, and the remaining plasticizer is extracted from the film, and its content is known after measurement. Methods for identifying the type of plasticizers included are ultraviolet or infrared spectroscopy and gas phase, paper or thin layer chromatography.


Because the performance of PVC film varies with the amount and variety of plasticizer and other additives added, the higher the plasticizer content, the better the elongation, tear strength, and low temperature resistance of the PVC film, but the hardness , tensile strength and impact strength decreased.


In general, soft PVC film has the characteristics of high strength, good transparency, easy printing and high-frequency welding, so the application is quite extensive, and it can be used as general breeding film, vegetable greenhouse film and ginseng covering film in agriculture, etc. In the industry can be used for moisture-proof, waterproof cover film and a variety of industrial packaging film.


In the production of soft PVC film, a series of production equipment is required, including three-roll mills, high-speed kneaders, extrusion granulators, extrusion blown film units, machine heads, etc., after mutual cooperation between them. And the correct production process, you can produce a high quality soft PVC film.

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