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Cleaning and coloring method of PVC furniture leather
Aug 27, 2018

The dirt of PVC furniture leather generally has three types of sweat secretions, various oil stains and dust and various pigments. Therefore, it must be cleaned before coloring. The method of cleaning refers to scrubbing the dirt on the surface of the leather directly with a clean cotton cloth or a cotton ball.

Commonly used cleaning agents for PVC furniture leather are ammonia, alcohol and water mixture; some weak alkaline cleaning agents; some special leather cleaning agents. For some less dirty PVC furniture leather, the first two cleaning materials can be used, which are cheap and easy to obtain. For some dirty or light-colored PVC furniture leather, it is better to select some leather special cleaning agents for better effect.

When cleaning PVC furniture leather, it should be fully cleaned. For some particularly dirty places, it should be treated with emphasis; then it should be properly colored to cover. After the PVC furniture leather is cleaned, it is generally colored. It is a way to apply the coating slurry to the surface of the leather by brushing, rubbing or spraying with special materials such as pigments and resins.

Before finishing the coating, mix the adjusted color paste and resin in a certain proportion and then mix and color, then use the brush or sponge to draw the coating slurry and directly brush the surface of the PVC furniture leather. The brush is applied to the pores in the pores. The corners and seams are fully penetrated and absorbed.

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