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Comparison of PU artificial leather and PVC artificial leather
Jul 23, 2018

The PU artificial leather contains a polyurethane component which is based on a woven fabric and is coated or coated with a resin mixture or the like thereon, then heated to plasticize it, and subjected to rolling flat pressing. Because it is similar to natural leather, it has the advantages of softness and wear resistance.

The PVC artificial leather is formed by changing the plastic granules into a paste and then uniformly coating the base of the knitted fabric for foaming treatment to obtain different softness. Then, various surface treatments such as dyeing, embossing, buffing, extinction, and fluffing are carried out to obtain a desired finished product.

PVC artificial leather has the characteristics of high strength, low cost and easy processing. It can be used in bags, seat covers and linings, but it is not very good in internal oil, high temperature resistance, low temperature softness and hand feeling.

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