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Excellent performance of greenhouse flex pvc film
Mar 29, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the greenhouse flex pvc film should be a transparent film with good light transmittance, strong heat preservation, and good anti-tension, anti-pesticide and anti-chemical fertility without drip, non-toxic and light weight. Greenhouse flex pvc film generally has a higher mechanical strength, thereby reducing unit consumption and reducing costs.

Greenhouse flex pvc film products have introduced the fine features:


First of all, the product has good aging resistance, so it can ensure a long service life;


Secondly, the greenhouse flex pvc film products also have excellent dust-proof properties and can maintain lasting transparency;


Third, the light transmittance of the greenhouse flex pvc film products is excellent, and the crops in the greenhouse can be fully exposed to sunlight;


Fourth, the greenhouse insulation performance of the plastic film products is very good, due to the selection of high VA content of EVA material, which has excellent insulation properties;


Fifth, the product has good anti-fog performance at the same time, which can obviously prevent or reduce the generation of fog. For users, this product also has a big advantage, that is, high input-output ratio. On the other hand, under the same thickness per unit area, it is about 30% lighter than PVC film, and the increase in coating cost is small. The increase in yield and yield of crops is significant, which has obvious economic benefits.


In addition to these advantages, in fact, the heat sealing of the greenhouse flex pvc film products is relatively easy, and heat sealing can be repeated. And its elongation, tear strength, impact strength and so are very high, is a very strong film. At the same time, the greenhouse plastic film products are superior in terms of water resistance, heat resistance, and moisture resistance.

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