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Field of pvc transparent film
Jul 16, 2018

Maybe plastic was not so prominent at the beginning, and it has not been paid attention to by consumers. However, due to the improvement of technology, after continuous experimentation, plastic has been discovered its value, its plasticity, its corrosion resistance. Sex is the most powerful "power" of plastic, and it is also its biggest card, which has brought surprises to our consumers and manufacturers. And not only pvc hard products, plastic pvc film is also the largest and most valuable variety except polyethylene except for the development of plastic products. Because of its soft and light quality, many cardboards, separators, etc. can be used. Above, it plays a crucial role in this. For the pvc film, it is a relatively small type of polymer itself, but due to its softness, transparency and other characteristics, this plastic material can be an irreplaceable use in our life and work, whether it is a protective film for the outer layer of glass. Also, the outer packaging of the paper towels we usually use is also in the field of pvc transparent film.

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