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Frosted transparent film placement method
Jun 01, 2018

The frosted transparent film needs to be effectively cleaned when it is operated, and then sprayed wet with a watering can, and then the frosted film is peeled off from the bottom paper, affixed to the place to be affixed, and a ruler is applied on the edge. Blow out the air and moisture inside. In addition, you can also spray water on the back of the frosted film and paste it again. If the area of the frosted film is relatively large, you can stick the edge to the backing paper. Do not remove the backing paper at one time. Finally, wipe dry.


The surface of the frosted transparent film is frosted, and the hand feel is very unique when it is operated. This can give the user a different operation experience to a certain extent. When used, the advantage is that it effectively resists fingerprint invasion and is easy to clean. The disadvantage is that it has a slight effect on the display. In fact, the frosted film only has a little more resistance than the high-permeability film, and it feels a lot more refreshing, and it won't be a drag on the operation.

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