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Greenhouse flex pvc film sheets performance requirements and advantages
Jun 02, 2018

Greenhouse flex pvc film sheets to a certain extent due to its low price, easy to use and can better improve the growth conditions of its crops, to a certain extent, improve its yield and improve quality, so to a certain extent, will be covered in the greenhouse at home and abroad To its rapid development.


Greenhouse flex pvc film sheets is mainly used in the use of PVC film, PE film and EVA film. These three are commonly used covering materials in film greenhouses. Because of the limitation of production width and electrostatic pollution, PVC film is limited in its application in film greenhouses.


Greenhouse plastic film, to a certain extent, puts forward new performance requirements in all aspects of film greenhouse greenhouse covering materials. Film width up to 12~20m, good mechanical properties. By adding anti-aging agents, anti-drop agents, and thermal insulation masterbatches in the resin, the deficiencies in the anti-aging, anti-drip, and thermal insulation properties of the original ordinary PE film are changed and the production requirements of the greenhouse are better satisfied.


The dripless film surface of the greenhouse plastic film will have a layer of spraying agent. When the water vapor rises to the greenhouse film during the operation, it will condense into water droplets on the surface of the film, so that it slides down onto the soil along the surface of the film. When the gas rises to the greenhouse membrane, it will condense into water droplets on the surface of the membrane and slide down onto the soil along the surface of the membrane, which has a protective effect on the plants.


The advantages of the use of greenhouse flex pvc film sheets is insulation, anti-aging, good insulation effect, anti-dripping, light transmission, etc.

The longevity and antibacterial heat preservation effect is 2-5 degrees higher than that of the non-dropping film; the light transmittance is 5-10% higher than the normal non-drop film (measured with the illuminance); the drip and antifogging effect is greater than 3 months; the use time Accumulated more than 12 months.

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