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Greenhouse poly film is better than polyethylene greenhouse film
Jul 02, 2018

When choosing a greenhouse film, the choice between the Greenhouse poly film and the polyethylene film is mainly made, and comparison has been made. The Greenhouse poly film has good thermal insulation effect, high light transmittance, soft performance, simple shape, and excellent weather resistance, and is suitable for the outer cover material of greenhouses, greenhouses and small and medium arch sheds.


In the production of polyvinyl chloride films in greenhouses, anti-aging additives are added to the raw materials and rolled into films. Therefore, its effective service life is 8-10 months, and it is mostly used for spring cultivation after early autumnal delay; while the weather resistance of PE greenhouse films And poor insulation, not easy to bond.


Greenhouse poly film also has anti-aging and drip characteristics, good light transmission and heat preservation, no dripping for 4-6 months, and a safe working life of 12-18 months. It is widely used and is currently highly efficient. The preferred covering materials for energy-saving solar greenhouses are better for covering materials with greenhouses.


In addition to the weathering and drip performance of the greenhouse PVC film, the surface of the film is processed, the plasticization is less, the dust is lighter, the light transmittance is improved, and it is more favorable to the greenhouse cultivation of winter sunlight and greenhouses. It is recommended that users choose greenhouse PVC film.

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