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How is the pvc wood grain decorative film attached to the furniture?
Jul 31, 2018

Generally, the surface is vacuum-coated with a cold press or a suitable hot press. The principle is (using the vacuum and the external pressure difference to squeeze, the vacuum laminator plane surface can be attached)

How to use pvc wood grain decorative film? I am writing the following points here:

1. PVC wood grain film, plain film has two different materials suitable for hand paste, flat paste and vacuum plastic

2. The flat material is suitable for work-fit or mechanical roller-coating.

3. Vacuum blister materials are suitable for vacuum blister bonding, and blister materials are generally resistant to temperatures above 120 °C.

4. PVC veneer, commonly known as plastic veneer, is a widely used surface decoration material. According to the pattern or color, it can be divided into single color or wood grain. According to the hardness, it can be divided into PVC film and PVC film. According to the brightness, it can be divided into matt and high light. According to the veneer process, it can be divided into flat decorative film and vacuum blister decorative film. Among them, PVC sheets are generally used in vacuum blister production processes, and high-end office furniture, cabinet doors, bathroom cabinet doors, home decoration covers, and decorative panels often use PVC sheets for vacuum blister veneers.

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