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How to remove the odor on the furniture leather?
Jul 28, 2018

1. The process of making furniture leather

The raw hides are preserved and processed through chemical raw materials and transported to the factory for processing, mainly salt, preservatives and chrome powder. After that, the machine is shaved to keep the thickness of the leather consistent. Then use chemical raw materials to fill the leather abdomen to improve the utilization of leather. When the leather is left standing for a while, it is dyed with chemical materials to obtain different colors and varieties. Finally, the leather is suspended, dried, basically formed and sprayed to obtain the finished product.


2. How to remove the odor on the furniture leather?

one. Ventilation and deodorization method, that is, window ventilation, to maintain the circulating convection of fresh air in the room, which can accelerate the volatilization of the furniture odor;

two. Activated carbon deodorization method, that is, the use of activated carbon, and wrapped in a clean and breathable gauze, and then placed next to the furniture leather, so as to absorb the odor in the air.

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