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Luggage leather
Aug 04, 2018

Leather products are durable, elegant and comfortable, and are widely used in luggage, clothing, sofas, furniture and other industries. With the development of society. The demand for leather in humans has been increasing, and natural leather has been unable to meet the normal needs of people. Here are some of the features of the luggage leather.

The general category of luggage leather can be roughly divided into style bags, material bags and cabinets. The general bags are made of natural leather, artificial leather and canvas. However, the scarcity of the existing rate of natural leather materials, coupled with the high cost of manufacturing, has gradually withdrawn from the market and replaced with artificial leather. Most of the leather bags on the market are made of pu or semi-pu. The characteristics of the leather are soft, good wear resistance, various colors and different styles. The most important point is mainly reflected in the low price. After making the finished product, it gives people a feeling of beauty, generosity and fashion.

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