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Measures to ensure the quality of slitting protective film products
Jul 04, 2018

1. Have a stable tension

The stable tension provides a continuous neck reduction for the slitting knife and maintains the original width when the tension disappears. In addition, tension can also affect tracking and correction.

2. Flatness of the film web

The film web must look very flat before entering the shearing knife. A number of slitting machines, including a web stretching device, can be used to laterally tension the web. Therefore, be sure to keep the film flat.


3. To understand the tool settings and performance absolutely

The pitch setting of the tool determines the slit width. The positioning of the tool does not stop at the time of setting. Shifting, shaking, skewing, and other conditions can cause the tangent to be misaligned with the set position. Sun sea protective film


4. Control the feeding process according to the process requirements

The film web of the feed must have a uniform width and spacing. The film material must also have uniform thickness, coefficient, and splice points. The feed take-up reel cannot exceed the range or speed of the web corrector. However, the unevenness on any film web should be flattened under normal tension. The wide variety of feeds is the most difficult because the quality is usually uncontrollable.


5. Make sure the sensor is working properly

The sensor must constantly detect the edge of the slit. Any detection errors or blind spots will directly lead to mistakes in the cutting strip.


6. Corrector accuracy, Japan Sea Protective Film

The corrector must be tightly controlled and reacted at all times, and the range and impact speed must match the quality and speed of the feed roll.


7. Tracking

In the normal production of slitting, do not assume that the precisely positioned strip will help the cutter to automatically correct the position. In production, many times from the calibration to the tracking of the slitting knife will go wrong, but as long as the short film web route is guaranteed, the ideal tension standard cylinder reel, qualified traction and high quality reel correction position will help reduce the film transfer process. Tracking error.

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