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Partial use of soft PVC film
May 02, 2018

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a kind of plastic material, its plasticity is very high in the polymer, it by adding different can produce different PVC plasticizer dosage forms, including the hard PVC materials and soft PVC film. And rigid PVC is mainly used in mechanical industry, some play a supplementary role, but also because of its strong corrosion resistant properties, stable chemical properties, so suit as auxiliary material. But another dose more after adding plasticizer of PVC film was the most characteristic of the polymer, at present a lot of products have the material composition, also has a part in this material in the automobile coating, protective film on skin care products with this kind of composition, and in some mobile phone also has a sticker on the composition of the material.

If this kind of PVC film has the characteristic, then its characteristic is very much, its toughness is strong, transparent good, have certain stickiness. This kind of material is also a kind of material that helps our daily life, the plastic film that we often use also is the product that this kind of material produces.

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