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Principle of pvc film characteristics
Aug 30, 2018

The pvc film is a new type of film that is both environmentally friendly and efficient. Since PVC film and pvc film are present, they have the characteristics that ordinary film does not have. Ordinary adhesive film is directly applied to the surface of the board with glue at normal temperature, so after one or two years, the film is easy to fall off. The PVC film is applied by a special vacuum laminator at a high temperature of 110 degrees. On the surface of the board, it is not easy to fall off.

Although pvc film, pvc transparent film has excellent quality assurance, but some people may say that PVC is a chemical product after all, it is not comparable to natural materials, can not eliminate toxicity and odor, but also inevitably harm the environment. But this is not the case. This is because the raw materials for the production of PVC film are specially refined and the toxic substances are completely extracted. Therefore, PVC is completely non-toxic and tasteless, and has no irritation to human skin or respiratory system. It is allergic to wood and paint. For those who use PVC film packaging furniture or kitchen utensils is very suitable. By using PVC film as a decorative film, people can use a large number of medium-density board, particle board, plywood and fiberboard to reduce the amount of wood used, thus reducing the number The destruction of forests and even the environment. From this perspective, PVC membranes have made great contributions to the protection of the ecological environment.


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