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PVC bag leather production process
Aug 24, 2018

PVC luggage leather is one kind of plastic. In the process of production, plastic pellets are firstly melted into a paste, uniformly coated on the base of T/C knitted fabric according to the specified thickness, and then into the foaming furnace. Foaming, so that it can adapt to the production of a variety of different products, different requirements of softness, surface treatment at the same time as the furnace.


The pattern of the PVC case leather is formed by hot pressing of the steel pattern roll. Due to the long service life of the pattern roll, the PVC case leather is not only simple in production process, but also has lower production cost than other leathers. PVC luggage leather is mostly used in lining or non-bearing parts.


In terms of bags, PVC bag leather is more suitable. This is because the items in the bag are different from the feet worn in the shoes, and do not dissipate heat; do not bear the weight of the individual. If you want to distinguish the material of PVC luggage leather, you can look at the PVC base fabric from the corners; or feel it by hand; you can also use fire to burn, PVC bag leather has a stronger taste than PU material.

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