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PVC blown film process
Sep 05, 2018

There are two kinds of pvc membrane process, one is the direct extrusion blow molding of powder, the extruder has a long aspect ratio and can be plasticized well; the other method is to use ordinary extrusion blown film unit. . The film is blown with pellets, although the granulation process is increased. However, the structure of the extruder is relatively simple, and most manufacturers in pvc transparent film adopt this method.

PVC blown film production process

(1) In order to remove impurities in the material, PV C' resin should pass through 4C mesh screen. Plasticizer passes through 100 mesh copper mesh. Other additives are diluted with plasticizer and ground with a three-roll mill. The degree is below 80 μm. Then, according to the formula, the kneading machine is placed in the kneading machine, and the kneading temperature is 100-120 ° C, and the material can be discharged when the material is loose and elastic. The kneaded material is poured into a granulator for granulation. The granulation temperature should not be too high. Generally, it is controlled at 150~170 °C. The granules of the extruder should be neat, plasticized and non-adhesive.

(2) pvc film extrusion blown film In order to ensure the quality of the blown film, it is best to use hot particles, on the one hand, the film is plasticized well, on the other hand, the energy consumption of the blown film can be reduced. In order to reduce the number of disassembled heads due to "paste car", the head temperature should be lower than the body temperature. The specific process conditions are as follows: the temperature of the extruder is 150~160°C, the temperature of the middle section is 170~180°C, the temperature of the front section is 170~180°C, and the temperature of the head is about 170°C. The blow ratio is usually 1.5 to 2.5. The blown film should be cooled well, otherwise the film will be sticky.

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