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PVC color film main performance and production process
Mar 12, 2018

The performance of the PVC color film is different from that of the ordinary adhesive film. The ordinary adhesive film is directly attached to the surface of the sheet with glue at room temperature, so after one or two years, the film can easily fall off. The PVC color film is a special vacuum laminator that presses on the surface of the plate at a high temperature of 110 degrees, so it is not easy to fall off.

At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the technical level, the PVC color film produced today has a reliable guarantee in terms of quality. Moreover, raw materials for the production of PVC films have also undergone a series of special treatments to ensure the safety of the products. Therefore, the product can be used for packaging of furniture or kitchenware. In addition, after using the PVC film as a decorative film, the amount of wood can be reduced, thereby reducing damage to the forest and the environment.

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PVC color film not only has obvious advantages in terms of quality, but also has a very economical cost and belongs to a more practical product. The reason why this product can be widely used in building materials industry, there are two important reasons:

One of them is the raw material used for PVC color film - PVC has unique properties such as rainproof, fireproof, antistatic and easy to mold; another feature is the low input and high output of PVC. The reason why it has such an advantage is inseparable from the production process it adopts.

The production process of PVC color film is relatively simple. The common production line is mainly composed of a roller press, a printing machine, a back coater, and a cutting machine. It is mainly through the direct-acting stirring of the roller press, the rotation of the roller, and the high temperature rolling. Pressure produces a thin film with a thickness of only 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm.

At the same time as the production of PVC color film, it is possible to use the printing machine to print some desired colors on the front side of the film, and use a back coater to attach a back coat to the back side of the film. Good production process is an important guarantee for the quality performance of PVC color film.

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