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PVC film characteristics and the principle of the agent
Mar 01, 2018

PVC film in the process of using its highlight and high reflective properties, commonly known as the mirror effect, PVC film in the course of the operation with acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, cleaning does not remnants. Can be widely used in the protection of stainless steel sheet, industrial products made of protection and aluminum and so on.

PVC protective film in the use of many of the restaurant hanging the kind of transparent film, the material is PVC, commonly known as PVC film. This kind of protective film we a lot of good goods, quality and cheap.

PVC film product characteristics

1. Is a PVC rolling products: thin, uniform thickness, flattened well.

2. Product transparency is good, the water pattern is small, less crystal point.

3. Static resistance, electrostatic effect is good

4 sticky, according to customer requirements transfer viscosity;

5. This product complies with national industry standards;

PVC protective film adhesive principle

1. PVC protective film when used in the viscoelastic polymer

2.PVC protective film foil, the adhesive layer can be in close contact with the adherend surface and as far as possible into the surface of the groove, so that the effective contact area increased.

3.PVC protective film tear film, the adhesive layer has a high anti-stripping ability, the greater the stripping speed, the higher the pressure-sensitive adhesive peel strength

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