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PVC film characteristics and uses
Apr 02, 2018

In the production of PVC film, can be obtained by rolling process, the so-called calendering process, mainly refers to the heated PVC plastic through a pair or more pairs of horizontally rotating horizontal roller gap, so that the material withstand the crowded Pressing and spreading action, it becomes a thin product with a certain thickness, width and smooth surface. Then get the PVC film.


In the plastic film, PVC rolled film occupies a very important position. In addition, this PVC film also has a wide range of applications in industrial packaging, electrical insulation, inflatable film products, light box advertising, engineering waterproofing, daily necessities and packaging.


Of course, the reason why PVC film has such a wide range of applications is that it has the following characteristics:


First: High tensile strength.

The tensile strength of the PVC film is as high as 29 MPa, so in practical applications, it has a strong bearing capacity and is more durable.


Second: good insulation performance.

As a cover material for agricultural greenhouses, PVC membranes have good insulation properties because they have a strong infrared absorption capability, which is extremely beneficial to the growth of crops.


Third: Transparency is good.

This is because the PVC film is pressed by a mirror roller during molding, and the surface finish is very high, and the phenomenon of agglomerating water beads is less, so the light transmittance is high, which is very favorable for the photosynthesis of crops.


Fourth: uniform thickness.

Because the drum of the PVC film has a middle drum shape, the middle roller crosses, the lower roller has a pre-strain, and the roller surface is refined, so the thickness accuracy is high.


Fifth, the bonding performance is good.

According to the application needs, PVC film can be used high-frequency welding, thermal bonding and adhesive bonding and other methods, easy to use. In addition, according to the different uses of PVC film, by changing the production formula and process conditions to meet.

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