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Pvc film classification and use
Aug 17, 2018

     Pvc film is a new type of material, it is also widely used, and it is very beautiful to use. PVC film, the full name is Polyvinylchlorid film, the main component is polyvinyl chloride. It is a functional processing aid such as plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant added to PVC resin. There are mainly the following:

     The colorless and transparent PVC film is divided into two types: general (transparent transparent) and ultra-transparent (super transparent).

     Translucent is called a matte pvc film.

     The color is called color film, which is divided into transparent color film, frosted color film and solid color film.

     There are also some special PVC films, such as laser film, pearl film, reflective film, etc.

     The bag made of PVC film has various styles and exquisite and high-grade. It can be used directly as a bag, and is also widely used in the packaging of various products. It is suitable for packaging gifts, cosmetics, clothing textiles, beauty salons, nail supplies, stationery, ID card sets. Hanging cards, toys, food packaging, hardware tools, watches, electronics, and other daily necessities and crafts.

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