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PVC film is one of the main packaging forms
Jan 26, 2018

At present, the plastics industry is developing rapidly. Many new types of plastic polymers are produced, which are helpful for the enrichment of plastic materials. As polymers, they can be mixed with many kinds of materials to form composite materials. PVC film is a product that uses plasticizers to make PVC changes. This film has a certain viscosity, can play a certain effect and transparent paste, this material is more than polyethylene, so also known as the PVC film. Such plastic film can be used in many fields because of its good toughness, including the isolation film in skin care products, the anti light film on automobile glass, the surface film of electronic products, etc.

These are used to the PVC film, film as a form of PVC, it uses a wide range of plastic products, for the present in the city, the use of this material packaging effect is very good, it is also one of the main forms of packaging decoration.

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