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Pvc film is suitable for fire protection equipment
Apr 14, 2018

Many times, we use plastic films. Whether after eating at home, we wrap the leftovers in plastic wrap, or use a light-proof film to block the strong sunlight while driving. It is also the film used in current mobile phones. These are the places where plastic films appear, and also our use of plastic film products. As a relatively common type of plastic film, the pvc film is also a kind of film that is currently used more. It has better transparency than polyethylene and has a certain viscosity after the film is formed.

In addition, its flame retardancy is relatively good, and it can be used in many fields. At present, it is relatively successful as a barrier film. This type of pvc film has been used in a number of fire protection devices and has played a certain role. Compared to films made of other polymeric materials, the film itself has a stickiness, transparency, and flame retardant properties. The advantage is obvious. It is more appropriate to use it in fire protection equipment.

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