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PVC film roll basics introduction
Apr 03, 2018

From the actual application, the current PVC film roll products are mainly used in the packaging of wires, cables, hoses, steel tubes, various finishing rollers, mechanical equipment, hardware accessories, furniture and building materials. PVC film roll is especially suitable for the wrapping and protection of small objects, so it is often used to wind wire and cable, but also to wrap small objects.


Since PVC film rolls rely on self-adhesion between the films for electrostatic adhesion, this packaging film does not cause secondary contamination of the packaged product. In fact, the product's material is ultra-thin, strong, transparent, self-adhesive, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, is an ideal packaging material.


At the same time, in the current market, PVC film rolls also belong to a brand new packaging material, which is especially suitable for packaging wires, cables, electronic parts, screws, iron wires, hardware accessories, cable building materials products, instruments and various equipment, floor tiles, Tiles, furniture, wallpaper, leather, fiberglass, chemicals, nonwovens, paper rolls, hoses and other special-shaped product packaging.


The main raw material of PVC film roll is polyvinyl chloride. This material has a wide range of sources and has excellent chemical properties such as flame retardancy, insulation, and wear resistance. In terms of its specific applications, the main properties of PVC products can be followed by hard products and soft products. Among them, hard products are mainly used in building materials such as pipes and profiles, while soft products are mainly used in films, cables, and artificial leather.


The characteristics of PVC film roll: low packaging cost, easy operation, low shrinkage temperature, excellent shrinkage effect, gloss and transparency, high shrinkage. PVC film roll is suitable for the packaging of wire and cable shaped products with good toughness, pressure resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance, and the protection effect is ideal.

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