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PVC film sheet process and formula analysis
Apr 04, 2018

Currently, in the production of PVC films, different process methods can be used. For example, the commonly used processes include calendering, extrusion blown film, squeezed flow enthalpy, and solvent enthalpy method, among which the most widely used is calendering and Extrusion blowing method. When producing rigid PVC film, it is best to use a four-roll calender, which can have good transparency and physical mechanical strength.


According to the production situation, the process flow of rigid PVC film can be summarized as follows: Formulation -> High-speed mixing -> Two-roll smelting -> Two-roll feeding -> Four-roll rolling -> Peeling -> Cooling -> Roll take. The high-speed mixing temperature should be kept within 110°C, the two-roll plasticizing temperature is 130 to 140°C, and the plasticating time is 30 minutes.

 pvc film sheet.jpg

Usually in the process of production, a certain amount of mbs will be added to the formula of the raw material. The addition of this component is beneficial to the fluidity of the PVC film, improves the toughness of the film, the low temperature impact strength, and can make the membrane The surface finish is good. In addition to mbs, materials such as abs (usually used in opaque recipes) can sometimes be added.


And if you want to make the PVC film sheet get good viscoelasticity, you can add one of these materials in the formula to achieve the purpose: 1 plasticizer: especially the amount of secondary plasticizer slightly excess, plasticizer Adding to make pvc soft and full of elasticity, the secondary plasticizer and the incremental plasticizer are not compatible in pvc, for which, adding more will bleed to the surface of the product and make it sticky; 2 nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber , eva and other rich viscoelastic materials added; 3 various types of internal and external lubricants, such as liquid paraffin, amide lubricants.


In the field of packaging, there are also some PVC films that require antistatic properties. At this time, a certain amount of antistatic agents such as sn, hk, eb and other additives can be added to the formulation. In this way, an antistatic conductive PVC film can be obtained, which can be used to package a packaging material having an electromagnetic shielding function, or to prevent dust from adhering to the film.

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