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PVC film surface treatment
May 23, 2018

Before we talk about the surface properties and processing of pvc film, let us first understand the application of pvc film in various industries. In China's plastic film industry, pvc film is the most widely used, and the demand for plastic film in China is one hundred per year. Nine times the speed of the above growth, with more and more new materials, more and more new equipment, the demand for pvc film is bound to grow!

The application of plastic film in the packaging line is also very extensive, because he is generally used for food packaging, electrical product packaging, garment packaging, etc. They have one thing in common, that is, will pvc transparent film for color printing, and then, the food The packaging also needs to be vacuum-plated to operate. The factors are that the surface of the plastic film has a high degree of freedom and the tension is also very high. This is beneficial to the firm combination of printing ink, adhesive and plastic film during the packaging process. The film surface must have a certain performance can lead to prevent the film from linking or slipping. When used in the packaging of electrical appliances and electronic products, the PVC film must have a certain degree of anti-static performance!

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