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Pvc furniture film paste method and operation steps
Apr 11, 2018

Pvc furniture film is a widely used surface decoration material, if it is distinguished by pattern or color, it can be divided into monochrome or wood grain; from the hardness point of view can be divided into PVC film and PVC film; according to the brightness can be divided Matt and high light; according to the veneer process can be divided into flat decorative film and vacuum plastic decorative sheet, etc., various products are widely used high-end office furniture, cabinet doors, bath cabinet doors, home improvement sets of doors, decorative board surface .


Different types of pvc furniture film, paste the object is different, the paste method is also different, but there are mainly suitable for hand, flat and vacuum two kinds of plastic, flat material suitable for work or mechanical roll flat coated Stickers, so the flat pvc furniture film is affixed with a cold press or a suitable hot press.


The surface of the pvc furniture film is vacuum laminator, using vacuum and external pressure differential pressure. However, no matter which kind of equipment is used for pasting, first dust and clean the surface of the furniture. If there are obvious pits or small holes on the surface, some stone powder should be found to fill in and dribble some 502 glue. After drying, use sand paper. Clean the dust and then remove the dust.


Then take out the pvc furniture film and measure the approximate width of each section of the furniture that is to be covered. Cut out the pre-existing pvc furniture film by section. Then you can begin to paste, and when you paste the PVC furniture film, you should pay attention to the order.


It is usually from the top of the beginning of the paste, first put a good corner of the pvc furniture film will tear the film and the bottom of the paper, one hand film forward, the other hand the film surface from the middle After affixing to both sides, continue to peel off the backing paper while using the hand or dry soft cloth on the surface.

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