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pvc leather dermabrasion and peeling essentials
Jan 26, 2018

1. type of shoes: first understand the structure of the front piece toe, carcass pad, leather; the tongue is extended around other parts such as: Fu eye, foreign shoe, shoes such as feather, extension, carcass pad extends around to sew and fit, that is to say, tied up the whole vamp, allows only Xu Biankuan, not allowed to grow.

2. understand the area of the cutter and the choice of the skin.

3. cutting knife for the fixed knife, the material, the margin between the knife and the knife 0.5 or zero, such as the use of defective face scar, brand use, generally, cut and overlapping parts, and mark by the outward row of knives, there should be outside the row of knives, which cannot make knife.

4. the material picked up the knife; larger material cannot collect knives, should select the appropriate cutting knife, with a knife.

5. pieces of front row of neat to discharge, otherwise the first knife edge is a waste, a waste of the material is 6 - 12 - layer of material as can be imagined.


1.: use sandpaper leather use 40 - 60 times, is thick; soft leather using 80 - 100 times, more dense, if soft with 40 - 60 times, will cause the product being broken and deformation; leather use 80 - 100 times, will cause the PU surface grinding method, influence of adhesion

2. skin grinding dosage: mainly use the machining operation and adhesion, with positive skin grinding, the upper and the bottom of the market with low evaluation, such as width than the background surface, will cause the skin grinding exposed, B products, if the width is lower than the bottom seam margins will line roughing processing interrupted, resulting in upper with the end of the release.

3. grinding degree: only the PU layer can be worn off


1. opposite: upper overlap and peeling cover parts, sewing uppers are convex post mark and avoid wearing uncomfortable, according to the board width setting, the tail thickness of 0.8MM, such as multi overlapping, overlapping is out of the tail of 0.5MM, according to the provisions of the operation instructions, do not cut too thin; so as to avoid product stress after the split, if it is too thick, then there will be a convex mark

2. hot melt adhesive peeling: the peeling machine is converted to hot melt glue machine, and the other with the dripping pipe cleaning essence, pay attention to the peeling upper and lower edge of the same surface, and all around must be cut.

3. peeling attention: there is no ladder on the slope, the thickness is 0.5MM

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