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PVC Printing film temperature setting and warm-up time
Jun 25, 2018

Pvc printing film in the process of operation of the membrane pressure between the workpiece, the width of the workpiece is less than 100mm in the narrow long workpiece, the workpiece spacing is not less than 80mm, the workpiece width is greater than 100mm, the workpiece spacing is not less than 60mm, workpiece and work The spacing of the table border is not less than 80mm. The horizontal and vertical spacing should be in a straight line to reduce the resistance of air flow.

Pvc printing film in the pad width and length to a certain extent should be smaller than the width and length of the workpiece 6-10mm, to a certain extent, the edge of the plate on the surface of the edge should be rounded radius 3mm-5mm fillet Or down 3 × 45 °C angle, so that it can effectively ensure that the air between the PVC and the workpiece is completely evacuated, to PVC firmly glued to the edge of the workpiece. The thickness of the pad should be about 3/4 of the thickness of the workpiece, which is one of the important measures to ensure that PVC is not pulled white.

Pvc printing film temperature setting, in the operation of the temperature setting should be between 130 °C -160 °C, in the use of ordinary PVC temperature should be higher, high-gloss PVC should be lower, set the time: Preheating time should be between 30s-50s (the color of PVC is different, the preheating time should also be different, the light color should be lengthened properly, dark color should be appropriately shortened; thick PVC should be properly lengthened, thin PVC should be appropriately shortened), pumping The vacuum time should be about 8s, and the pressurization time should be about 10-20s plus preheat time. The time to reach the set pressure should not be too long, it should be about 5s to ensure that the PVC and the substrate quickly stick to the workpiece when the end surface reaches the activation temperature and does not excessively stretch the PVC on the workpiece.


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