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Sofa leather
Aug 01, 2018

Sofa leather is the main material for making sofas. Generally used materials can be roughly divided into natural leather with a top layer leather, artificial leather with pu material and artificial leather with a semi-pu material. The main feature of the sofa is softness and comfort. Nowadays, there are many kinds of sofas, and the leather for animal prints is the most widely used. The artificial leather just meets this characteristic and conforms to the production of sofas. Due to the increasingly sophisticated technology of artificial leather production, wear resistance and air permeability have reached the characteristics of natural leather. The thickness of artificial leather is about 0.6mm-0.8mm, which is most suitable. Nowadays, the artificial leather on the market has a width of 1.4m, which is the largest in the area where the sofa is made, which can greatly improve the rate of the sofa itself and reduce the seam. The overall aesthetic effect of the sofa is far improved.

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