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Super clear PVC shrink film types and applications
Mar 08, 2018

Super clear PVC shrink film in the production of its ethylene method PVC resin mixed with more than a dozen of its secondary inflation after mixing, super transparent PVC shrink film is characterized by transparency, easy to shrink, high strength, shrinkage can be According to the needs of users free to adjust, maneuverability.

Super transparent PVC shrink film types

1. Printing grade super transparent PVC shrink film, as the name suggests is mainly used for printing, printing can be processed into labels. Most of the drinks on the market use PVC labels, such as those used for black tea, green tea and mineral water bottles.

2. Ordinary packaging level super transparent PVC shrink film, can be made on request tubular film, L-fold film, and can be processed into tube bag, flat pocket, although ordinary packaging level PVC shrink film can also be used for printing, but the printing effect Not fine, but also the number of printable colors is small, the general printing of a, two colors according to the majority.

Super clear PVC shrink film applications

Super transparent PVC shrink film in the use of a wide range of its sports, sterilization tableware, electronic appliances, building materials, audio-visual products, medicines, daily necessities, handicrafts, toys, portals, plastic hardware, food, stationery, glass ceramics, etc. And other types of packaging products, so that its appearance is more clear and beautiful, improve product packaging grades, the product from dust, flowers and other protective effect.

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