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Tensile production of PVC film
Aug 08, 2018

The stretching process of PVC film is carried out on the calender production line or special stretching machine. There are uniaxial and biaxial stretching methods. Uniaxial tension refers to stretching the longitudinal or transverse direction of the film blank. Biaxial stretching refers to stretching the longitudinal and transverse direction of the film.

Unidirectional stretch PVC films are widely used in calender production line. The method is to make the PVC billet formed on the roller of the calender, and then strip from the surface of the roller to the drawing machine (at this time, the temperature of the film billet is above the glass temperature, the melting temperature is below). The conveyor belt is clamped up and down smoothly at both ends of the film billet, and it is transported along with the gradual increase of the horizontal running distance of the conveyer belt at both ends of the film billet. The transverse width of the film blank with clamping is drawn after cooling and shaping. It is economical and convenient to produce the film blank with the roller with smaller working face size and then to produce the wide film by stretching.

Polypropylene films, HDPE films and PVC membranes can be used for unidirectional stretching. Two way pick up film is usually carried out on a special stretcher. The stretched film blank is first introduced into the longitudinal retrieving roller which is composed of multi-rollers. The roller body is heated by steam and the PVC transparent film is pulled forward by the roller.

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