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The advantages of industrial printing film packaging
Mar 28, 2018

In the current market, a variety of industrial printing films are widely used, among which the food industry is known as the largest market for industrial printing film packaging. This film product is stretch oriented in the production process, and heat shrinks during use, belonging to a thermoplastic film.


Industrial printing film packaging advantages:

1, beautiful appearance, close to the goods, it is also known as body packaging, to meet the packaging requirements of different shapes of goods;

2. Good protection, if you combine the inner packaging of industrial printing film packaging with the transportation packaging hanging on the outer packaging, you can have better protection;

3, good cleaning, especially suitable for precision instruments, high-precision electronic components packaging;

4, very economical, save cost;

5, good burglary, a variety of foods can be packaged together with a large shrink film, to avoid loss;

6, the stability is good, the goods in the industrial printing film will not be invincible;

7, transparency is good, customers can directly see the content of the product.


Food industry printing film in the domestic market application features:

1. The food industry printing film products have already been widely used in fast food, ceramic products, tea sets, machinery parts and other fields;

2. The food industry printing film products are applicable to the packaging of multiple products and the packaging with trays, which are convenient for transportation and convenient for sale. It is easy to realize mechanization, save labor and material resources, and can partially replace cartons and wooden boxes;

3, food industry printing film products can be used for a variety of PET bottled beer, beverage labels. In addition, the printed film products in the food industry can reduce the process of label removal and facilitate recycling.

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