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The characteristics and functions of the PVC film
May 04, 2018

PVC film is a kind of classic film since the production of polymeric materials, and this form of film has some characteristics, it is more transparent than the film produced by polyethylene, and it is much better than polyethylene in transparency. In addition, with the addition of plasticizers, the PVC transparent film has a certain viscosity after the production of the film, and if it is said to be sticky, this property can make the film produce a directivity, which can be used where some sticky films are needed. In comparison, no matter which kind of plastic material, in fact, its plasticity is very high, and it is used as the main product of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. These two material features are still the most widely used, and are also a long time polymer, so it is the most used two big plastic materials in the world.

Many times, we will need to use the PVC film, such as the anti light sticker in the car has its components, and some skin care varieties after the cover of the top of a film on the top of the film also has the form of PVC, can be said that the polymer is a more important kind of plastic material in the city.

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