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There is a knack for the purchase and use of leather products
Jan 26, 2018

New shoes should not be shelved for a long time

Some consumers said that 5 years ago to buy new shoes, long put did not wear, just wearing the floor, there have been crushed soles are granular, which is caused by what? Are the product quality problems?

In this regard, the National Quality Inspection Center Qin Xiaobao, deputy director, said that at present, some casual shoes and sports shoes on the market are made of polyurethane material soles, it is lightweight, flexible and comfortable to wear, but the polyurethane substrate under certain conditions Hydrolysis can occur. Lead to this phenomenon there are two reasons: First, the product due to improper formulation, shelved for a long time prone to hydrolysis; Second, the product due to the placement time is too long, resulting in polyurethane material aging. Based on this, it is recommended that consumers do not shelve for a long time after buying new shoes. For the quarter shoes to be properly collected, the specific method is very simple, that is, the first clean and upholstery shoes, dry in the shoes after filling shoe shovels or clean loose things, such as newspapers, cloth, and put a little desiccant in storage Shoe box, placed in a ventilated and dry place.

At the same time, shoes are consumer goods, aging deterioration, so the state provides the "Three Guarantees" period, after the Three Guarantees period, such as consumers will be placed after its long-term, once there is a problem, it is difficult to detect identification does not say, even if the shoes do Quality problems, manufacturers can completely ignored, the interests of consumers can not be maintained.

Le leather has a slight discoloration is normal

There are many consumers to reflect the new shoes they buy shortly after wearing, there will be some shoe leather discoloration this situation, I wonder if it is a quality problem?

Qin Xiaobo explained that leather shoes off the color is mainly caused by the process. Shoe leather commonly used pigskin or sheep leather, taking into account the breathability and wearing comfort, now there are many brands on the leather coating process take a light finish, or even do not finish. In the process of wearing, decorating the coating pigment cream or leather dye migration, may be dyed socks.

Therefore, when wearing shoes slightly discolored is normal. To avoid such problems, it is recommended that consumers buy light-colored shoes, or the best color and stockings close to the shoes.

Of course, if the decolorization is very serious, and even affect the normal wear, it is a quality problem. This point, in the country promulgated the "shoes" (QB / T 1002-2005) standards are clearly defined. Under such circumstances, consumers can legally safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Leather will not produce formaldehyde after exposure

Some media have issued a text warning to consumers: automotive leather after the sun will emit formaldehyde and other harmful gases, and difficult to distribute, this argument is credible?

Chen Zhaoguang, deputy secretary general of China Leather Association and director of leather sign office introduced that auto leather is made of natural leather after being coated with resin and other chemical materials. Some of the chemical materials will produce a very small amount of volatilization and produce special taste, which is called in the industry For the leather taste, if the car is closed for a long time, this smell will have a certain degree of aggravating, but this is normal, not by some media as "toxins", will not cause harm to the human body.

Experts point out that the car is a high-end consumer goods, automobile manufacturers on the automotive leather in addition to national and industry standards, the formaldehyde and other harmful substances have higher requirements and strict quality control. At the same time, there are strict requirements on the release amount of chemical substances of leather under different temperature conditions. Therefore, consumers do not have to worry about "leather will produce formaldehyde and other harmful substances after exposure."

Chen Zhanguang also added that at present, with the continuous improvement of science and technology in our country, the tanning technology in our country is not only increasingly advanced, but also the used chemical materials are more and more environmentally friendly. For example, formaldehyde used for tanning agent or fixed leather coating has been used Basically abandoned, replaced by eco-friendly tanning agents and crosslinking.

Buy attention rational analysis

So, what is the difference between leather products and leather substitutes? How to choose?

Li Yanping, deputy director of the Leather Association of China Leather Association introduced the natural leather texture elegant, comfortable to wear, with breathable, skin-friendly, warmth, environmental protection and other characteristics, is the production of shoes, leather, handbags high quality raw materials. However, due to the high price of natural leather, there are some leather garments, leather shoes and handbags made of synthetic materials. Synthetic materials, although less comfortable to wear, but because of rich colors, low prices and other characteristics of the market has also been some consumers. Consumers should be based on the rational analysis of the pros and cons of the two, and make the choice according to the needs, in particular, to look for the material, to avoid buying fake and shoddy products.

Similarly, the natural fur products are made of rare animal skin, so the price is high, resulting in low-grade fur imitation high-grade fur imitation and alternative materials products. Because of these advanced technology products, experts are difficult to distinguish between ordinary consumers to distinguish even more difficult.

Experts suggest that consumers buy the leather products, choose to wear "leather logo" signs of the product. "Leather Mark" is a registered trademark of China Leather Association, which was registered in State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 1994. It is a symbol of high-end natural leather, fur and its products and is synonymous with quality and environmentally friendly products and after-sales service.

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