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What are the benefits of PVC frosted Film Roll?
Jul 11, 2018

There are many uses of PVC frosted Film. If it is used on mobile phones, it can prevent fingerprints. It is not easy to stick fingerprints after being attached, and it will not form light reflection. The same price of matte film should be scratch-proof than HD film, and the finger feels when you swipe the screen. More smooth.


In many cases, the PVC frosted Film is attached to the architectural glass to make the building look more beautiful. At the same time, it can also assist the interior design and beautify the office partition; provide special marking service and customize the customer icon/marker.


The PVC frosted Film is rich in color, flexible in style, and simple in creativity. It is more beautiful and clearer than traditional engraved pattern glass. It also reduces visual disturbances and makes the most of the light, making it an excellent choice for office partitions, restaurants and store doors.


PVC frosted Film is safe and environmentally friendly. The glass is pasted with PVC matte film to enhance the strength of the glass. It is strictly resistant to glass breakage and splashing, effectively protecting people's safety. In general, PVC matte film is completely safe to use, which can bring a lot of benefits.

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