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What is PVC embossed film?
Mar 14, 2018

In the production of PVC embossed film products, the main material used is PVC. The main component of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, and its appearance is yellowish translucent and shiny. In terms of transparency, it is superior to polyethylene and polypropylene and slightly less than polystyrene. In the current market, PVC embossed film products include many types.


First of all, according to the use of different additives can be divided into soft and hard polyvinyl chloride. Among them, soft PVC embossed film products are characterized by their softness, flexibility, and sticky touch. The hardness of hard products is higher than that of low density polyethylene and lower than that of polypropylene. Whitening occurs at the inflection point. Common products include: plates, pipes, soles, toys, doors, windows, wire jackets, stationery and so on.


In other words, PVC, the raw material of the embossed film, is actually a polymer material that uses a chlorine atom to replace one hydrogen atom in polyethylene. Its essence belongs to a vacuum plastic film, which is mainly used for surface packaging of various types of panels. Therefore, it is often referred to as a decorative film, an adhesive film, and the like.


So far, the main application areas of PVC embossed film include: building materials, packaging, medicine and so on. In different areas, the performance requirements for the product vary. Products can be divided into two kinds: PVC soft film and PVC hard film.


Soft PVC embossed film is basically applied to the surface of the floor, ceiling and leather. Because this kind of product contains softener, which is also the difference between soft PVC and hard PVC, it is easy to become brittle and difficult to store, so its scope of application is limited.


In the hard PVC embossed film products, which do not add softener, so it has good flexibility, easy to mold, not easy to brittle, non-toxic and pollution-free. And hard PVC embossed film has a long storage time.

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