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what is Pvc leather ?
Feb 26, 2018

PVC leather is made of fabric coated with PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer and other auxiliaries. Or it can be coated with a layer of PVC film and processed by a certain process.It is similar to natural leather, and has the characteristics of soft and wear-resistant.Base fabric variety also has many kinds, such as cloth, canvas, cloth, non-woven cloth, knitted etc.Different varieties and color of the artificial leather production, also different from the base cloth layer coating and gelation, and finishing, such as embossing, printing, surface treatment order and surface treatment agent composition.

Polyvinyl chloride has 3 kinds of products: (1) ordinary artificial leather, and also called non foamed artificial leather. In plain cloth, canvas, cloth regeneration base, made by direct coating method. Because the coating is dense and the paste can penetrate into the pores of the base cloth, the finished product feels hard and wear-resistant. It is mainly used for making wear-resistant packaging bags, construction and industrial accessories, etc. (2) foamed artificial leather. Usually, it is based on needle woven fabric. Foaming agents and auxiliaries are used in the surface paste. When they are gelatinization, they form microporous structure, resulting in light quality, full and soft handle. It is produced by transfer coating method. It is used to make gloves, bags, bags, clothes and furniture.
The PVC artificial leather is the main variety of artificial leather. Apart from the base material and structure, the PVC is divided into several kinds according to the production method.
(1) PVC artificial leather with coating and scraping
(2) the calendering PVC artificial leather;
(3) the extrusion method PVC artificial leather;
(4) round net coating method PVC artificial leather.
Artificial leather synthetic leather has more than 3000 varieties of downstream products are used more and more widely, relates to the field of aerospace, industry, transportation, sports equipment, medical equipment, building materials, including the necessary daily life of shoe fabrics, bags fabrics, fabric, sofa fabric etc..


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