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What is sofa leather? How to discern pvc sofa leather?
Mar 15, 2018

Sofa leather is a raw material used in the production of leather sofas. At present, in the industry, there are many types of raw materials for sofa leather, such as leather, PU and PVC upper leather, and so on.


In general, the larger the area of the sofa leather, the more popular it is because the larger the area, the significantly higher the culling rate and the less seam. There is a kind of leather called modified leather. The so-called modified leather is made of leather on the surface, and it can be pressed with different lines. Some painted leathers are thick and have poor abrasion resistance and air permeability.


In the current market, the styles and types of various leather sofas and leathers are exceptionally rich, with the most used in imitation animal grain leathers. Snakes, leopards, and zebra patterns are common.


Due to the complex market, we need to master certain distinguishing skills in choosing sofa leather. First of all, it can be seen by eye. Under normal circumstances, the real leather surface has relatively clear pores, patterns, such as yellow leather has a more well-proportioned fine pores, and steer hides have coarse and sparse pores. The artificial leather, although it also imitates the pores, is not clear.


PVC decorative leather.jpg

Second, it can be distinguished by burning and observing its burning phenomenon. We can tear off a bit of fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. When it is ignited, any pungent odor that forms a flaw is artificial leather. Any leather that emits an odor that does not bind hard is leather sofa leather.


In addition, it can also be judged by feel. In comparison, when you touch the leather sofa leather by hand, you can feel smooth, soft, full and elastic. The general artificial leather sofa leather surface is astringent, rigid, poor flexibility.

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