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What is the production process of the PVC film?
Jan 26, 2018

The production process of PVC membrane is opening, inspection, sieving, formula mixing, granulation, extruding thick film, air cooling, hot water bath, boiling water heating, setting tube lateral inflation, film rolling, quenching and cooling.

PVC production process is not complicated, the ordinary production line consists of roller press, printing machine, back coating machine and cutting machine, mainly through direct stirring roller, roller rotation and high temperature rolling production film thickness is only 0.3 mm to 0.7mm, and through the production at the same time the printing machine in front the color film, through the back coating machine in the back of the membrane attached to a layer of back coating. Do not look down on this layer, it is an important guarantee for the quality of the PVC film. Back coating made of special material, is a kind of high affinity agent, it is because of this layer back coating PVC film can be tightly and MDF or other plates together, ten years or even fifteen years is not open. The biggest problem of ordinary mask is that it can't solve the problem of film falling off. Because of the whole production process is at a high temperature (the temperature rolling machine reaches 220 degrees) carried out, which makes PVC film with high resistance to photobleaching and refractory, ensure the high quality of PVC film.

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