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What is the raw material formula for forming pvc film
Jul 04, 2018

   The raw material formula for calendering of pvc film is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, and then according to the performance requirements of the product, the proportion of the main raw materials is designed according to the formula, plasticizer, stabilizer and filler are added, and others. Auxiliary raw material mix composition. The high-speed mixing, kneading, pre-plasticizing, and roll forming of the film product by a calender roll.

     The composition ratio of various raw materials in the formulation of the pvc film is different, and the properties of the products after forming the film are also different. For example, the stability of the product properties, mechanical strength, heat resistance, cold resistance and flame retardancy will change with the change of the raw materials in the formulation and the proportion of the materials used. Similarly, the operating process conditions at the time of production of the product are adjusted as the formulation changes, and the manufacturing cost of the product also fluctuates.

     It can be seen that the design technical requirements of the product manufacturing formula are relatively high, and it is necessary to produce a process technician with rich practical experience to design. There are some basic general requirements to be aware of when designing a formula.

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