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What is the role of pvc film wrapper in packaging field?
Mar 31, 2018

PVC film wrapper is nontoxic and tasteless. It is a kind of environment-friendly packaging material, and has low selectivity to paper card. The packaging performance is stable, attached, transparent, easy to shrink, high intensity, and the shrinkage rate can be adjusted freely according to the needs of the user. From the present application, the application scope of PVC packaging film is very wide, which involves the packaging of food, soft magnetic, auto parts, handicraft, hardware tool lock and so on.


More importantly, the PVC packaging film can achieve very ideal results when packaging the product. It can not only effectively protect the quality of the product, prolong the life of the product, but also do not have to die in packaging and reduce the cost. The product itself also has excellent tensile and extensibility. Therefore, when used, when the temperature is greater than the drawing temperature or near the drawing temperature, the reliable shrinkage force can bind the packaged goods to achieve a good protective effect.


Compared with other packaging materials, PVC film wrapper has many advantages: first, the packaging film can make the shape of the packaging look very beautiful, close to the goods, so it is also called body packing, suitable for various types of commodity packaging. Secondly, good protection can protect the inner packaging of shrink packaging and transport packaging suspended on the outer package.


Not only that, PVC wrapper film has excellent cleanliness, so it is also suitable for some precision instruments and sophisticated electronic components packaging. At the same time, the price is also economical and easy to use. And has good stability when packing, the goods will not be in the packaging film reel right and left.


In addition to the above characteristics, the transparency of PVC packaging film is also good. Customers can directly see the contents of the product. In conclusion, the use of PVC packaging film to package products not only has good protection effect, but also helps to achieve good display effect.

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