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What to do when using PVC leather is not wasted
Jan 26, 2018

Nowadays, the types of PVC leather on the market are dazzling. There are so many kinds of PVC leather. Of course, PVC leather has different colors and patterns. So it's a lot to choose when we want to use PVC leather to decorate our interior walls. Because the color of PVC leather is romantic purple, warm red, stable black and so on. The patterns of PVC leather are also colorful, such as flowers, square, rhombus, and so on. Because these PVC leather colors and patterns used in the wall on the soft can more show our indoor concise and elegant, warm and rich, soft color and so on all kinds of style. What do we do when we are using PVC leather materials to make no waste of the cloth.

Usually when we are using what is used to calculate the specific volume production needs covered wall cloth. The first way is direct placement, that is to lay PVC leather on the flat and then use the ruler. The second way is to lay the mosaic on the basis of the item system. In this way, PVC leather should be vertical and straight.

When fabric cutting, we must pay attention to the same room, the same pattern with the fabric must use the same materials and the same part of cutting fabric. The paved interior walls are more beautiful and spectacular.

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