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Why do people like to use PVC leather in the construction industry
Jan 26, 2018

Articles that can be used by the public must be the items that are suitable for people to use, and their characteristics, functions, prices and so on can be accepted by the public.

1, the characteristics of PVC leather: because PVC leather has its own unique properties, that is, PVC leather has the characteristics of rain protection, fire prevention, non-toxic, tasteless, durable, easy forming and antistatic. PVC leather can be nontoxic and tasteless, because the principle of producing PVC has been specially processed and refined. In the process of processing, toxic substances are completely extracted, so you can use it safely.

2, PVC leather price: the price of PVC leather in the market is very affordable, within the scope of many popular consumption ideas. So the sales group of PVC is very large.

3, PVC leather cleaning: because PVC leather itself is easy to be cleaned, and then compared with ordinary wood, more PVC can show that leather is a great advantage in cleanliness.

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