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Why PVC leather seat popular
Apr 10, 2018

The reason why PVC leather seat can be popularized is because it has unique performance, not only environmental protection, flame-retardant, wear-resistance more than 100,000 times, but also can be rainproof, fire-resistant, antistatic, and easy to be molded; compared with leather seats. For its part, it is more durable and has a longer life.

On the other hand, because of the characteristics of affordable PVC leather seats, although PVC leather is a chemical product, it is specially refined to make the toxic substances completely extracted. Therefore, the PVC leather seat produced is completely non-toxic. Tasteless, without any irritation to human skin or respiratory system, PVC leather seats are very suitable for those who are allergic to wood and paint.

Another point is that PVC leather seats are easier to clean and do not require significant maintenance costs, which is unmatched by leather seats. Of course, the variety of colors of PVC leather seats is also one of the reasons to attract the attention of users.

PVC leather is natural in color, gorgeous in color, rich in variety, and beautiful in design. The PVC leather seat made is beautiful in appearance and can reflect better quality, which is no less than the effect of leather seats in this area. The overall grade is also high. It will not be reduced as a result.

In the process of making PVC leather seats, the calculation of materials used is as follows. First of all, according to the requirements of the design drawings, the specific practice of the PVC leather seats is the direct paving method, and the second is the item-laying-laying mosaic method; According to the design requirements, material calculation and bottom village and fabric nesting work are performed.

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