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Advantages Of Using Frosted Transparent Film
Jun 01, 2018

The frosted transparent film can make the glass opaque during operation, so that it can effectively enhance its privacy. The frosted transparent film adds brightness to the architectural glass wall to a certain extent, so that the building can have a more beautiful appearance.

Advantages of using frosted transparent film

1. Matte transparent film assisted interior design, landscaping office partition.

2. Frosted transparent film offers special labeling services, customized customer icons/marks.

3. Matte transparent film to create privacy, giving people the freedom of privacy.

4. The frosted transparent film is rich in color, flexible in style and simple in design. Compared with traditional carved glass, it is more beautiful and clearer.

5. Frosted transparent film reduces visual disturbances and makes full use of light, making it an excellent choice for office partitions, restaurants, and stores.

6. Frosted transparent film reduces glaring glare, matte film reduces visual fatigue, protects eyesight, and improves the working environment of the building.

7. Frosted transparent film is safe and environment-friendly. The glass frosted film has the function of strengthening the strength of glass. It is a reliable weapon against earthquakes, hurricanes and outdoor explosions. It can also prevent criminals from breaking into windows easily to prevent cracking and splintering of glass and effectively protect people. Personal safety.