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Application Of Flexible Membrane In Seepage Control Channel
Sep 17, 2018

Canal anti-seepage lining can reduce the loss of water leakage, improve the capacity of canal water transmission, shorten the time of water transmission and so on. It can also play a role in scouring prevention, silt reduction, collapse prevention, stabilization of canal bed, ensuring the safety of water transmission and improving the modernization level of irrigation area. The canal seepage proof lining is divided into 3 categories: rigid, flexible and rigid flexible according to the material type. Rigid lining materials are cast-in-situ or precast concrete slabs and masonry, flexible materials are plastic film, composite geomembrane and asphalt felt, etc. 

Channel composite lining is a flexible membrane material laid under rigid concrete slab. At present, flexible membrane materials are generally plastic film or geomembrane, which have waterproof and water-proof function under normal temperature. It is effective to lay flexible membrane under concrete slab to reduce the leakage of canal and improve the effective utilization coefficient of canal system water in a short time, but it only plays an indirect and minor role in preventing frost heave.