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Application Of PVC Shrink Film
Mar 17, 2018

At present, more and more products are packaged using flexible packaging materials, such as a circle of promotional plastic screens on beverage bottles, plastic films on supermarket purchase items, and transparent bags covered with electronic products. These packaging items are PVC shrink films. This product is made of PVC resin mixed with more than a dozen kinds of accessories after the secondary inflation, its main characteristics are good transparency, easy to shrink, high strength, shrinkage can be freely adjusted according to user needs, strong operability.


PVC shrink film products also have good water resistance and flame retardancy. Moreover, the cost of use is relatively economic, and therefore it is favored by manufacturers, sellers, and companies. At present, the annual demand for heat-shrinkable membranes in the four industries of domestic beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals is approximately 1 million tons, which shows that the market is unprecedentedly broad.


The application fields of PVC shrink film products mainly include a variety of beverage packaging, such as soft drink packaging, dairy product packaging, and pure water packaging market. The total amount of heat shrinkable film soft drink bottle labels used exceeds 100,000 tons. At the same time, it is still growing at a faster rate.


In addition, PVC shrink film products also have great market potential in the fields of pharmaceutical packaging and beer packaging. In addition, the development of heat-shrinking technology has promoted the marketization of heat-shrinking film, which has made PVC shrink film cover the packaging field of electronic products, pharmaceutical products, etc., and has also promoted the development of product flexible packaging industry.