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Application Of PVC Transparent Film In Plastic Film
Aug 31, 2018

Transparent film, is also used in many places at present, and many times, this film with good transparent effect is actually a kind of plastic film, PVC transparent film is the main form of transparent film. As a kind of plastic film, it naturally has some unique features, and transparency is one of its greatest features, it can be said that transparent film in general, can be used in many places, including skin care products cover and bottles between the transparent film, car transparent protective film, daily life Transparent membrane used in the process. These forms of film, which more or less will have the "shadow" of the PVC film in it, can be seen that this material is not general.

As a kind of plastic products, the PVC transparent film produced at present has many characteristics. besides its transparency, it is also produced with a certain degree of viscosity, which is not necessary to add other additives to achieve more utilization. This is also the main reason why this material can become the home fresh-keeping film.