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Because Of Its Excellent Characteristics, Soft PVC Films Are Widely Used
Jun 11, 2018

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a kind of plastic material with high transparency at present. As the soft PVC type, it mainly exists in the form of film, and the film has a certain viscosity after production and processing. This viscosity is also the main factor that can lead to the coating. In many cars and wallpaper, this form of PVC film is a better choice. First, its transparency determines its variability, and it has stickiness, so it is suitable as a sticker. Most of the hand machine or computer film is the material. The form of processing.

As a PVC film, its role is very wide, not only in electronic technology or in the automotive industry, but in some processing machines, this film has a certain effect. Many times, we use the fresh-keeping film of this material, it can be seen that it is widely used, and not only the soft PVC, in fact, compared with the PVC film, the rigid form of PVC also has a very high market prospects, and its scope of use is very wide.